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Have full control, identification and visualization of the conference call attendees via web management interface

When using the management interface, the leader can:


  • Create individual passwords for each user;
  • Put in lecture mode (deactivates the audio of the guest attendees);
  • View who is talking at the moment;
  • Disconnect a specific attendee;
  • Change room access passwords;
  • Create Polls/Surveys via phone, with instant result viewing;
  • Activate or deactivate the attendees’ audio;
  • View the number and identification of each attendee;
  • Turn up or down the volume of the attendees;
  • Activate or deactivate the entry tone (tone that indicates that an attendee has joined or left);
  • Generate reports on use;
  • Start Questions and Answers (Q&A) sessions.

Questions and Answers (Q&A) session

This functionality allows the leader to request that the attendees indicate if they want to ask a question by dialing *9 during a lecture (when all guests have their microphone turned off).

Then, the leader views on the screen each user who requested to speak, and then can open the attendees’ audio individually.

Polls and Surveys

Conduct polls and surveys with your guests during the conference call and view the result in real time.

The leader must register the poll in advance with the alternatives via Web Management Interface. The attendees vote for the alternative via telephone keypad according to the options available.

The result is displayed to the leader on the web interface in real time, through a chart with the number of votes per alternative. There is also the option of viewing the votes from each attendee individually.

Integration API (Web service)

The conference call service provides communication via Web Service. This interface allows integrating third-party systems to control the service functionalities.

Through the communication API from the AudioCorp, it is possible to change the conference call environment setup, manage recordings, passwords, and reports on use.

For further information and documentation, please contact us through our Service Center.

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Integration with PABX

Integrate your company’s PABX with the conference call service and make the service transparent to your internal users.

To perform the integration, simply set up the PABX with ConferenciaCorp, via SIP trunking, and route an extension for access to the conference call service.

This feature allows your company to reduce costs and facilitates the use for its users, who start accessing the conference call service by simply dialing an internal extension number.

The configurations and integration are free of charge. For further information or support about this feature, please contact us through our Service Center.

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Conheça a CorpFilmes Locação de Estúdio de gravação completo para seu projeto audiovisual

Management via phone

Track and manage the conference call through the keypad on your phone

Check below all features available for leader and guest users:

Leader password

Has administrator privileges, such as having the room cleared only when an attendee joins with this password. This password also has the following functionalities while the conference is held:

  • * 1

    "Lecture Mode": The leader activates/deactivates the microphone of the guest attendees during the conference call

  • * 2

    Informs number of attendees

  • * 3

    Deactivates/activates their own microphone

  • * 4

    Records the conference

  • * 5

    Conduct poll/survey

  • * 6

    Blocks/unblocks the conference

  • * 7

    Changes leader, guest or reproduction passwords

  • * 8

    Turns the Entry Tone on/off

  • * 0 2

    Request Support

  • * 0 9

    Turns the “Permanent Lecture Mode” on/off

  • * 0 0

    Leave the conference/ Return to the previous menu

Guest Password

Attendees with this type of password must wait for at least one attendee with leader password to join before opening the room and starting the conference.

  • * 3

    Deactivates/activates their own microphone

  • * 2

    Conduct poll/survey

  • * 9

    Request the word to ask a question (used along with the web interface)

  • * 0 0

    Leave the conference / Return to the previous menu

Playing Password

When the conference call is recorded, the audio becomes automatically available for hearing in the playing room. The functionalities below are available:

  • 1

    Rewinds the audio 10 seconds

  • 2

    Pauses the reproduction. Press again to continue

  • 3

    Forwards 10 seconds of the audio

  • *

    Restarts playing the audio

  • #

    Leaves the playing room and returns to the main menu