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Through our conference call, web conference, video conference and webcasting services, , take part of meetings remotely with enhanced audio, video, document sharing features, or even transmission of events to anywhere in the world.

We want to help your company be even more efficient: reduce costs with trips and commuting, facilitate communication, and increase productivity. Whether your team has 2, 20, 200 or 2,000 members, we have the safe solution that is right for your needs.


Conference call service accessible from Brazil and more than 50 countries through Single National Number, 0800 and International numbers.

Easy to use, needs only the access telephone, room number and password to start the conference. It caters from small meetings with 2 or 3 users to major capacities, with 2,500 simultaneous guests.

The ideal option for meetings that need easy user access and mobility.

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Meetings through the internet browser with the following features: Interactive slide presentations, video via webcam, audio via computer or telephone, chat and polls.

This is the best option for conferences that need collaboration features, such as: e-learning, team meetings, and training sessions.

This is available directly via browser, without the need to install any software.

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Make video conferences from computers, mobile phones and tablets with high definition, in HD video quality, anywhere, with low cost.

This service also allows integrating its users with video conference rooms by using equipment items (endpoints) from Vidyo or other manufacturers, such as Polycom, Cisco, etc.

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Transmissions of live and recorded events with video, audio, slides, downloads and online questions for hundreds of simultaneous users via internet.

It has a completely customizable interface and is ideal for events such as lectures, announcements, seminars, disclosure of results, relations with investors, and several other types of events.

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ConferenciaCorp Services

Web Management

Identify and control each attendee during the conference call. Click here to know the web management interface.

24x7 Availability

The service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which allows making conferences any time, without the need for prior scheduling.

RI Conference calls

Especially developed for companies that need to make Conference Calls on Disclosure of Results. Specialized solution with assisted conference call; live transmission of slides via webcasting; audio and support from a dedicated team throughout the event.

Assisted Conferences

In this mode, our moderator conducts the meeting through a script agreed upon in advance with your company. In a timely manner, he/she gives the word to the lecturer and organizes questions and answers sessions with the guests.

Additional functionalities

The service also has several additional functionalities, such as recording and playing the conference call without extra charges.

Customer support

For users of the ConferenciaCorp services, a trained customer support team is available for technical assistance and support.

National - AudioCorp

0,29/min or from 99/month unlimited

Single access number throughout Brazil.

Capital Cities and Metropolitan Regions.

Makes DDD conference paying local call.

International - AudioCorp

Access available in several countries

Numbers available in more than 50 countries.

Local and Toll Free (800) accesses.

Audio menus in English and Spanish for foreign attendees.


From 99/month unlimited

Presentations of documents, video, audio, chat and much more.

Without the need to install software.

Simple and easy to use.


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Transmission of events via internet.

Ideal option for announcements, communications, lectures.

Events of Relations with Investors, etc.

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