Central de atendimento
0800 0013 040
Suporte Técnico
+55 11 4433-3500

ConferenciaCorp is a high capacity service developed by Streamtel Serviços de Telemarketing.

Targeted at the corporate market, we offer collaboration services easy to use, with high quality and availability through Conference Call, Video Conference, Web Conference and Webcasting solutions..

The conference call service by ConferenciaCorp has coverage throughout Brazil and is also available in more than 50 countries, through local and Toll Free (0800) access numbers.

The telephony infrastructure uses mainly high-capacity TDM systems, in which servers answer more than 3,000 simultaneous conventional calls. The servers are hosted in the main data centers from telecom operators in Brazil.

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To be recognized as the collaboration service with the best quality, customer care and cost-benefit ratio for the corporate market.