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AudioCorp is a conference call service that makes available a telephone number, room and access passwords.

Through this service, your company can hold from small meetings with 2 or 3 attendees to large conferences with 2,500 people.Users can call from any type of phone, anywhere in the world, to attend the meeting via conference call.

Easy AudioCorp

This is the quickest, most practical and with low cost option.

Indicated for companies that need to conduct frequent meetings, with easy access and mobility to its users.

The conference room is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for using any time, exempting the need for prior reservation.


– When you receive the instructions for use, tell the attendees to call the Access Number on the date and time desired. This notification must include the Room Number and the Password.

– When each attendee calls, they must enter the room number and, then, the password provided.

– Guests with passwords will receive a message to wait for the room to be cleared until a leading attendee joins.

– When the first attendee with leader password enters the room, everyone is sent to the conference and can start the meeting!

Assisted AudioCorp

Allows the organization of assisted conferences followed by a questions and answers (Q&A) session.

This conference call mode is conducted by a ConferenciaCorp moderator, who opens the conference, gives the word to the lecturer from your company and organizes so that the guests are connected initially only as listeners.

At the end, the moderator opens the Q&A session and, then, gives instructions so that the attendees place themselves in the list of questions and clarify their doubts directly with the lecturer.

This option is indicated for conferences of companies with a large number of attendees, such as, for example, disclosure of results, training sessions and lectures.

For further information, please contact our Service Center.

AudioCorp RI

Complete Conference Call solution for disclosing results and relevant facts for your company.

This modality is indicated for companies that need to conduct meetings for disclosing results for investors, press releases and transmission of relevant facts with full transparency and interactivity.

The audio of the conference call is also transmitted via webcast on the internet along with the presentation slides.

In addition to customized moderation and answering, the service is customized according to the specific needs of each company.

Please find below the main features of the ConferenciaCorp Audio RI solution:

  • Conference Call assisted by a moderator and bilingual operators;
  • Conducted in Portuguese and English with simultaneous translation;
  • Availability of national and international numbers for guest access;
  • Customized moderation and services;
  • Simultaneous transmission of audio and slides via internet by webcast;
  • Recording and availability of replay for audio and slides of the event;
  • Availability of transcription and reports from attendees;
  • Specialized support for assisted events;

For further information, please contact our Service Center.


Access numbers in brazil and abroad

The conference call service is available throughout Brazil through Local and 0800 numbers, and in more than 50 countries through Local International and Toll Free numbers.

Check the full list of locations for the AudioCorp

Recording and reproduction at no additional cost

When conferences are recorded, they will become automatically available for reproduction. To hear them, simply call the access number and enter the reproduction password.
No additional costs!

Web Interface

The web interface allows online control of attendees who are in the conference call.
It also allows changing passwords, reporting use, and downloading the conferences recorded.

Click here to know the web interface.

Polls and surveys

The leader registers polls with alternatives to be answered by the attendees via phone keypad. The attendees vote for the alternative according to the options made available, and the result is displayed in real time to the leader at the Web Interface.

Methods of access

AudioCorp can be accessed through national and international numbers on the following options:


Local Number
Single National Number
0300 Number
0800 Number

Other countries

International Local Number
Toll Free Number (0800)

Additional functionalities

This service has additional functionalities, such as recording and playing the conference call without extra charges.

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