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Easy Audio

Reservationless Easy to Use Conference Calls


  • Single dial in numbers available in the major cities worldwide;
  • Guests make long distance conferences paying local rates.


  • Exclusive numbers and personalized audios;
  • Local numbers available in the major cities worldwide.


  • Free for guests. Fees paid by the contracting party;
  • Consult us for numbers in the available countries.


  • Available in more than 50 countries;
  • User menus available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Assisted Audio

The attendees talk to operators for individual identification and forwarded to the conference room.

A moderator opens the conference, gives the word to the lecturer and organizes questions and answers sessions.

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Audio RI

Complete customized solutions for Investor Relations Results Teleconferencing. Simultaneous conference call audio transmission via webcast.

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Web conference

R$ 0,15 /minute
or from R$79.00/month unlimited

Collaboration with slides, sharing, chat, audio and video via web

• Web-based: without the need to install software for the attendees.

• Integrated system: talk via computer or telephone.

• Record and share the content of your web conference sessions.

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Video conference

Cloud video conference service without cuts or distortions,
with HD definition and high capacity for simultaneous attendees


• Accessible from any device: computer, smartphone or tablet..
• Adaptive Video Layering™: system adjusts to the available network and processing conditions.
• Integration with traditional video conference systems.

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Online event transmission with video, audio and slides for thousands of simultaneous attendees.

Simple and customizable interface.

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