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Transmit Events Online via Web

The webcasting service allows transmitting via internet your live or recorded events with: video, audio, slide presentations and online questions for thousands of users simultaneously.

The guests access the service through a link created for its transmission. The pages are fully customizable and the initial screen can be free for access, password-protected, or then request that the attendee gives personal info to watch the event.


Ideal option for:

  • Lectures
  • Corporate announcements
  • Sales presentation
  • Training sessions
  • Disclosure of results

Customizable interface

Customize the interface layout according to your brand and needs. The system allows customizing the theme colors, font, textures, texts and logotype of the event or company.

Click here to view examples of the CastCorp interface.

Customize the interface

  • Logotype;
  • Color and texture of the template, fonts, etc;
  • Texts with information on events;
  • Training sessions;
  • Disclosure of results.


  • 100% Web-based, without the need to install any software in the user’s device;
  • The attendees receive the video and audio streaming live or can access the recorded event at a later time;
  • Environment customization by including the company logotype and customized messages for each meeting;
  • View the company’s slide presentation in regular size or full screen, with the possibility of downloading it;
  • Area for sending questions to the lecturer;
  • Full reports showing the event audience, with name, e-mail address, company, country and phone number of all attendees


The transmission via web can be integrated with the conference call service for a full solution for your event.

With the integration, your users can also attend your event from any phone.


Compatible browsers:

  • Internet explorer;
  • Mozilla Firefox;
  • Google Chrome;
  • Opera;
  • Safari.


For further information, please contact our Service Center.