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Conduct fully interactive meetings via web easily, using only the internet browser, with WebCorp.

It is very useful and practical to gather your team online and conduct training sessions, presentations and lectures. All of this without the need to install any software and with video, audio, slides and chat features. You can also record the conference and share to watch it later.

Features Available

This service concentrates all collaboration facilities into a single tool.

Check below how the features and functionalities available work on the web conference service by ConferenciaCorp:


Display in real time documents, presentations and images as slides to other attendees.

Video conference

With the video conference feature, it is possible to share your video via webcam to all attendees of the web conference.


This feature allows conducting polls among the conference attendees and view the answers online.

Audio conference

All users can communicate via computer or telephone made available for the conference.


Through the chat, the attendees can communicate via text in public or private mode.


Record your web conference sessions and share with whomever you want to watch later.

Advantages of Web ConferenciaCorp

Web Based

Attendees use all features without the need for installing any software. Also, there is no need to purchase any additional equipment.


Conduct your company’s meetings via internet and save time and money without leaving the office.


Use any time, without the need for scheduling, anywhere in the world. The web conference service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Audio Features

Audio fully integrated in a single platform; the attendees may choose between using the computer audio or the telephone to speak.